Never Fear, MiO Is Here

We would never abandon you, but we know finding MiO over the Summer was more like a treasure hunt than grocery shopping. You rock our collective socks off with your patience. You’ll be happy to know that MiO is completely back in action and waiting for you on your local grocery shelf. Come see us. MiO for all!

Now, we’re returning to our regularly scheduled thrills of entertainment on

The Art of Hoarding MiO

What happens when a world famous painter gets his hand on MiO? Art!
After squirting MiO into five glasses of sparkling seltzer for some friends visiting his studio, Painter/Sculptor/Glass Blower Yins Minzfind was inspired.“It was like looking through a stained glass window.” Said Yins “but the viewer could subvert the standard artist/audience paradigm by actually drinking the art.”
The following day, Yins bought out the entire supply of MiO from area supermarkets.
“I’m creating an enormous beverage mandala that is only viewable by blimp.” Said Yins by email. “Also, I need a blimp if you have one.”

On the Hunt for Missing MiO

Hard to find MiO causing you problems? Well, no need to worry, Private Detective Jack Barry Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt is on the case. “I realize I have a terrible name for a private detective.” Says Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt. “But, that doesn’t mean I’m not good at my job.” Spending his days at supermarkets, checking inventory can be thankless work, but Hanover-Simonson-Greenblatt isn’t deterred. “I have easy access to sandwiches.” He said, pointing toward aisle 7.
If you have any clues about where he can find MiO, just go to your local supermarket and look for the man in the tan trenchcoat or page Private Detective Jack Barry Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt on the intercom.