The World’s First MiO Museum

Oscar Z. Danley had never visited a museum before last year.

That all changed at his 76th birthday party when his granddaughter, Janice Mint-Danley brought MiO to share with the family. “It was a great gift. It was so delicious. But, it also made me realize that I had been wasting my life.” By the following Tuesday, Danley had opened the “Oscar Z. and Eunice Mint-Danley MiO-seum” in suburban Elliot, Pennsylvania. “We collect MiO. Empty bottles of MiO, full bottles of MiO, Cups that celebrities have drunk MiO from. We have a water bottle that was shared on the set of a major Hollywood film set, as well as a half empty bottle an astronaut was going to bring to space, but he didn’t get picked to go.”
For more information on the MiO-seum, call the Elliot, Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

On the Hunt for Missing MiO

Hard to find MiO causing you problems? Well, no need to worry, Private Detective Jack Barry Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt is on the case. “I realize I have a terrible name for a private detective.” Says Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt. “But, that doesn’t mean I’m not good at my job.” Spending his days at supermarkets, checking inventory can be thankless work, but Hanover-Simonson-Greenblatt isn’t deterred. “I have easy access to sandwiches.” He said, pointing toward aisle 7.
If you have any clues about where he can find MiO, just go to your local supermarket and look for the man in the tan trenchcoat or page Private Detective Jack Barry Simonson-Hanover-Greenblatt on the intercom.